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Featured Projects


D-Ball is a mobile puzzle game available on Android where the objective is to move obstacles out of the way so the ball can enter the goal.

Alex Micharski's Political Compass Test

This is a mobile app for Android that determines your political view based on a questionnaire.


  • Business Application Software Development with .NET Framework in C#
  • Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development with Flutter
  • Tutoring

About Me

Born and raised in Hamilton, New Jersey, a suburb outside of Trenton, I have always been deeply into computers and math. I started learning programming at 11 years old. I graduated from the Mercer County Technical Schools: STEM Academy where I was dual-enrolled at Mercer County Community College and graduated with 61 college credits. I now attend Rowan University as a Computer Science major. I hope to someday be able to run my own big tech company, be New Jersey governor, US President, and finish my life doing transhumanism research.

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Email: michar52@students.rowan.edu

Instagram: alexmicharski

LinkedIn: Alexander Micharski