Alex Micharski's Projects

This website has all current and past projects that Alex Micharski has worked on.

Finished Projects


D-Ball is a mobile puzzle game available on Android where the objective is to move obstacles out of the way so the ball can enter the goal.

Alex Micharski's Political Compass Test

This is a mobile app for Android that determines your political view based on a questionnaire.

Work in Progress


After being so enraged with IMLeagues that I threw my phone at the wall in my college apartment, I decided that it is in the best interest of society to have some form of competition against IMLeagues, which is a Intramural Sports Management SaaS platform designed for schools. I also want to enable this platform for regular people who just want to play in a recreational league for their favorite sport in their local area.

Project August

This game is similar to Air Hockey, except that you can choose your own game piece, give yourself various skills, and strategize with your teammates to score goals. Project August will be my first game to be built with Unity and will be available on both the Web and Android.


This is desktop software designed for roadgeeks and fictional mapping hobbyists like myself. This project is expected to take at least an entire year to complete.